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Activator Methods

Activator Methods is a chiropractic technique that utilizes a small, handheld instrument that delivers a gentle, precise impulse to the spine resulting in the restoration of motion to the spinal vertebrae or joint targeted. This chiropractic technique was founded by Dr. Arlan Fuhr in 1967.

Activator Methods is more effective when treating severe pain from a joint sprain because this method will increase the joint motion much faster and better than manual manipulation. With manual manipulation, patients tend to guard or tighten around the injured joint, which limits the effectiveness of the adjustment. When a patient is uneasy or uncomfortable with a certain adjusting technique, they tend to get tense and guard. This does not occur with Activator Methods because it is the gentlest way to adjust a subluxation. Muscles are less likely to resist an activator adjustment because this is a quick and precise technique.

This technique is my preferred and primary method of adjusting when compared to manual manipulation. This technique is well researched and is very effective. It is also considered the second most used technique within the chiropractic profession and can be used on patients of all ages. This technique can be used for spinal subluxations and extremity subluxations. The Activator protocol is a precise and logical way to analyze a person’s neurological system.

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