Neck Pain

Everybody has suffered from neck pain at some point in their life. But, that doesn’t mean that it is normal! Bad posture while on your smartphones, computer, tablet, etc. or sitting for over 95% of the work day makes you twice as likely to develop neck pain. Neck pain is also a major cause of morbidity and disability in everyday life and at work.

Neck pain is one of the major musculoskeletal disorders in the adult population that may affect your physical, social, and psychological wellbeing.

Common causes of neck pain:

1. Cervical dysfunction

2. Muscle and tendon strains and sprains

3. Osteoarthritis

4. Herniated discs

5. Degenerative disc disease

6. Tech Neck (See blog called Millennial Hunchback - Tech Neck”)

7. Motor Vehicle Accident

Why should you try chiropractic? 92% of chiropractic patients report reduced pain.

Although exercise, heat/ice, and gentle stretching can assist with symptoms, seeing a chiropractor will ensure the root cause of the problem is addressed.

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