Why Is Posture So Important?

Not only does bad posture effect how you look, slouching effects the natural curves of your spine resulting in nerve supply being cut off. This can lead to a multitude of health issues.

* Protecting the natural curves of the spine protects your joints from early degeneration

* Strong back muscles mean you are less likely to experience a back injury

Improper posture can cause:

· Stress

· Fatigue

· Depression

· Muscle tension

· Poor circulation

· Low self- confidence

· Low back & neck pain

· Premature aging of the spine

· Migraines and tension headaches

· High blood pressure

· Heart disease

· Reduced lung function

· Sleeping problems or insomnia

· Endocrine dysfunction

To improve posture:

· Keep a neutral spine – chin up, shoulders back and down

· Keep head and neck aligned over shoulders

· Distribute weight evenly on both hips

· Avoid being seated for long periods of time

Consult Dr. Jessica for advice on proper postural habits, as well as hands-on care to support spinal alignment and strengthening

Dr. Jessica Thalhamer, DC | | (631) 357-4975

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