Not only does bad posture effect how you look, slouching effects the natural curves of your spine resulting in nerve supply being cut off. This can lead to a multitude of health issues.

* Protecting the natural curves of the spine protects your joints from early degeneration

* Strong back muscles mean you are less likely to experience a back injury

Improper posture can cause:

· Stress

· Fatigue

· Depression

· Muscle tension

· Poor circulation

· Low self- confidence

· Low back & neck pain

· Premature aging of the spine

· Migraines and tension headaches

· High blood pressure

· Heart disease

· Reduced lung function

· Sleeping problems or insomnia

· Endocrine dysfunction

To improve posture:

· Keep a neutral spine – chin up, shoulders back and down

· Keep head and neck aligned over shoulders

· Distribute weight evenly on both hips

· Avoid being seated for long periods of time

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